Xevian's Spell System

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Gesture controlled spells! Call upon ancient runes and magic to smite your enemies!

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Video Demo:


Fire 1: Fire Light

Dark 1: Dark Shield

Earth 4: First Prism

Dark 2: Shadowflame

Water 2: Fog Screen

Earth 3: Eruption

Avatar World For Demo Avatar:


What you get:

20 Unique elemental spells which can be selected using gestures!

Fire: (Finger Gun)

Fire light


Ring of fire


Water: (Point)

Water jet

Fog screen

Water bomb


Power: (Victory)

Bubble shield (Blocks collision based particles!)

Lightning sentry

Lightning stream

Lightning bomb

Earth: (Rock and Roll)


Crystal shield


First prism

Dark: (Thumbs Up)

Dark shield (Blocks collision based particles!)


Gravity spehre


Spell Selection:

1: Point

2: Finger Gun

3: Victory

4: Rock and Roll

To cast the selected spell, point with your right hand!

What you need:

An SDK3.0 Avatar with 11 bits free in the parameters (3 bools, 1 int)

VRLabs Avatars 3.0 Manager

Basic Unity knowledge and skills

Installation Guide:

Additional Notes and Disclaimers:

This Asset Is Desktop Compatible, though you will need to use desktop gesture keybinds to control the system (Left/Right shift + F1-F8)

This asset works with Write Defaults On AND Off! Make sure you copy the correct Reference Controller for your avatar when installing!

❗ This is NOT quest compatible! Your avatar WILL become "Very Poor" performance ranking!

❗️I am not responsible for any damage to your projects caused by attempting to install this asset! It is highly recommended that you back up your project before importing!

❗️ This is a digital asset. As such, it can NOT be refunded! You can’t “give back” a file, as they can be copied unlike a physical object. If you are unhappy with your purchase or have issues installing it, please contact me via my Discord server linked at the top of the page! Do not issue a chargeback. Instead, contact me! I will try to help!


Do not redistribute! This includes, but is not limited to, attaching to avatars intended to be sold or released as assets.

By purchasing this product you agree to NOT share the files with anyone who has not also purchased the product.

You may use these assets on public avatars.

You may edit these assets.

You may NOT use this asset commercially.

Please give proper credit. No links necessary, just don’t take credit for it.



  • Added Write Defaults Off support


  • Fixed right shield rune not spinning (Power 1)
  • Fixed depth pass shaders not rendering properly due to not having a light in the scene
  • Fixed several animations on the write defaults off controller
  • Fixed arm runes not disabling, causing unnecessary performance loss


  • Fixed First Prism (Earth 4) beam not resetting position on the write defaults off controller
  • Fixed some particles which may have issues when avatar scaling is released, such as Dark Shield (Dark 1)
  • Fixed "Load in Background" error on audio clips
  • Fixed "Read/Write Disabled" error
  • Fixed scaling issues on the right hand runes (hierarchy reordered, reinstall needed!)
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Xevian's Spell System

71 ratings
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